You know you’re a great performer, but when it comes to auditions…

Well, let’s just say it. You’ve got

You know that Audition Jitters are getting in the way of getting the roles or jobs you want. You’re giving off anxious vibes and leaving auditions feeling like a failure. A fraud. It’s enough to make you question your talent. You think, maybe it’s time to leave the biz.

It’s not your fault! Audition Jitters have got a hold of you (Bastards!) But they don’t have to sabotage your auditions forever. 

I’m here to help free you from Audition Jitters so that you can give your best performance in your auditions. Together we look at your audition mindset and the negative underlying beliefs that feed that nasty fear beast. I also help you resolve and release past negative audition experiences so that you’re entering auditions fresh. And auditions become not-so-scary after all!

Can you imagine how freeing it would feel to go into an audition, confident, knowing that you’re going to do your best?
Yep. It could be that good.



What you’ll get:

4 one-on-one sessions

Voxer access

Free guided meditation to calm your nerves

Free guided visualization to build your confidence

Week 1:

  • Learn tangible techniques to soothe your nerves.
  • Problem solve your stickiest audition areas.
  • Gain more presence and ease.

Week 2:

  • Get clear on what you’re thinking, feeling, and believing that is contributing to your audition anxiety.
  • Learn the most common audition mindset traps and what to do about them.

Week 3:

  • Examine your mind and body for the conscious and subconscious beliefs that are messing with your auditions.
  • Release and let go of trapped emotional energy and limiting beliefs so that you feel more freedom going into auditions.

Week 4:

  • Visualize positive outcomes and embody your good vibes.
  • Go into auditions feeling confident, creative, and ready to wow the casting directors with your awesomeness!

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