Master Your College Audition

Three Months To Audition Success

Master Your College Audition

College Auditions Are Coming.

Are You Ready?

You take acting classes. You practice your vocal exercises.


So does every other high school student dreaming of a college theatre program. 

So why should the colleges pick YOU over the other hundreds of applicants with the same (or more) training than you?

What you need is a LEG UP.

You need someone to help you show the college faculty that YOU are who they are looking for. Someone to help you show them you are SPECIAL. To help you SHINE even under the crazy-stressful conditions of college auditions. 

You need a coach in your corner. Who knows the technical aspects of performing. And who knows the psychology to help you have your BEST AUDITION EVER.




6 one-on-one sessions with me (60 minutes each, twice a month)

Voxer access

Free guided meditation individually designed to help your audition mindset

Free PDF of audition strategies that work for YOU

This PERSONALIZED program is tailored to your needs.

We will work together to create the program that is right for you. Here is an example of what your program could look like:

Month 1: The Basics

  • Examine your audition mindset and beliefs.
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses in your audition pieces.
  • Tune into who YOU are as a performer. What makes you special and unique?
  • Let’s get real – what do college program directors really want to see?
  • Choose monologues/songs for your audition and become confident in your choice.

Month 2: Deep Dive

  • Learn strategies to challenge audition anxiety and shift to a positive mindset.
  • Brainspotting session for audition anxiety.
  • Work through challenges in your monologues/songs.
  • Step into YOUR confidence and presence as a performer.

Month 3: Putting It Together

  • Practice, practice, practice: Set up and perform in your own mini-showcase.
  • Brainspotting session to expand and enhance performance – take your song or monologue to the next level.
  • Receive your personalized guided meditation and PDF of audition strategies tailored for your exact needs.

Want to go into your college audition at your best? Schedule a FREE phone consultation today!

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